Étudiants Eliteor (Elite Orientation) is an education program, innovation and orientation of academic, Professional and entrepreneurial. It is a North-South academic partnerships and promotion of practical training platform, focused on the real needs of the community and businesses.

The social program is initiated by T. Elite Solutions Canada is partnering with non-profit organizations in Quebec and who relies on an extensive network abroad. The goal is to guide and educate African students living in Africa and Canada offering them career tracks and in guiding towards studies and adequate training programs. The Canadian-African project applies in its current phase in Cameroon (for Africa) and the Canada (province of Quebec currently featured).

Eliteor offers valuable as tools the «» guidance to studies and trades » and the «» web portal "that provide students, parents and education professionals the information necessary for the choice of a profession, a programme of studies and an appropriate training institution.

  • 'Orientation to studies and trades guide' is a directory that lists information about employment prospects by country, curriculum and compatible employability training institutions.

  • Students and parents are moving or inform through the guide and interactive web platform. Expected to subsequently send them periodic news (newsletters) on tools (documentation), opportunities (scholarships, programs, etc.) and academic activities (symposia, etc.).

  • The web portal offers a digital guidance directory, an online version of the paper guide, a space for learning and information sharing involving students, parents, training institutions, national and international organizations.

  • This web platform also enables educational institutions to have a single point of access for students and visibility at the international. It also facilitates partnerships between organizations and training institutions in the international, also opening access to alternative financing.

  • Corporate citizenship (CSR) active in improving the training of young people will be able to through the platform enhance their brand image by providing career information for the guidance of students in secondary school and students.

For more information on T. Elite Solutions, the promoter of the project «eliteor»., visit their website to the